When I am not listening to music
field recordings and photography, 19’12”
released by Auris Recordings, Berlin, 2018

The field recording compilation contains ten sound-situations at various insignificant spots across different countries in the world, heard by chance, recorded when passing by, noticed for their abstract qualities: textures, rhythms, distances, nuances and their self-formed composition.

Released in cassette tape format, each copy comes with a unique cover image taken with a mobile phone, and collected over the past few years. The collection of “phonetography” were taken with the same spontaneity as when recording the sounds.

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When I See You Again
live performance at Arkaoda, Berlin, 2019
recording released by Kinship, Berlin, 2020

“A dialogue between field recordings and electric manipulations gliding into a lucid art of storytelling experience containing recordings from places and objects delivered in two parts.” - Kinship.

Weiwei Leung: field recordings, objects
Kamil Korolczuk: tapes, oscillator

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