digital drawings, audio, exhibition
Bauchhund Salonlabor, Berlin

“Sheep” is an installation and exhibition which took place at Galerie Bauchhund Salonlabor in Berlin. During the extraordinary Spring of 2020 a collection of personal dreams, told by different people, were gathered in the form of voice messages. The vocal narration of each dream was translated into a digital drawing by the artist. During the city’s lockdown period a monitor screen, seen through the window facing the street, displayed one digital drawing per 24 hours. Each drawing was accompanied by a corresponding voice recording. These recordings were accessible by smart phone, via a link to the project website and broadcasted on: Radio On (Berlin) and Sphere Radio (Leipzig).

A dream by Etkin Cekin, recorded on 02.04.2020
Listen to all the dreams here.

Exhibition view; photo by HD Seibt
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