Exhibitions and Projects

“Soft Landing”, interactive audio-visual installation; collaboration with Kamil Korolczuk; Baumwollspinnerei, Seanaps Festival, Leipzig, 2021; Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Musikfonds, Stadt Leipzig Kulturamt and Neu Start Kultur

“Sheep”, solo exhibition, audio-visual installation; Galerie Bauchhund Salonlabor, Berlin, 2020  

“Form Function”, conceptual sculpture; collaboration with William “Bilwa” Costa, Berlin, 2019

“Seeing Sound”, visual art collection; in cooperation with various musicians; collaboration with TMRW> label, Berlin 2018-2020

“Weave”, quadraphonic concert production; collaboration with Kamil Korolczuk and Emilio Gordoa; Hietsun Paviljonki, Helsinki, 2018; Supported by Genelec Finland

“Traces of Movement”, solo exhibition; Helsinki Design Week, Helsinki, 2018

“Mélisande”, short film; cooperation with Elena Tezak, Berlin, 2018

“When I am not Listening to Music”, sound art, field recording; Auris Recordings, 2018

“Intervals”, sound installation; Solo Festival Macondo, Wrocław, 2018

“Scroll”, installation, solo exhibition; Hockney Gallery, London, 2014

“Feed”, research, interactive installation, group exhibition; Henry Moore Gallery, RCA, London, 2014

Performance in “number phase: 12 - 19 / 20 - 90”; in cooperation with William “Bilwa” Costa; KM28, Berlin, 2020; Funded by Musikfonds


Object and sound performance; in collaboration with Kamil Korolczuk: Morski Pokój series, Kołobrzeg, 2019; Anæsthesian Sun series, Berlin, 2019; Rupture n Rapture series, Berlin, 2019

Abstract Field Live Collage II; Grüntaler series, Berlin, 2019

Abstract Field Live Collage I; Syrphe Night series, Berlin, 2018

“When I am not Listening to Music” debut performance; Fields series, Echo Bücher, Berlin, 2018

Releases, Collections and Broadcasts

“Screen”, video; One Collection, Netherlands, 2020

“When I See You Again”, audio; collaboration with Kamil Korolczuk; released by Kinship, Berlin, 2019

“Ten Three_Three Ten”, audio; in cooperation with William “Bilwa” Costa; released by Auris, Berlin, 2019

“When I am not Listening to Music”, audio; released by Auris, Berlin, 2018

Sound art broadcasted by various radio stations including: Cashmere Radio (Berlin), Mutant Radio (Berlin), Radio Capital (Warsaw), Sphere Radio (Leipzig), Radio-On (Berlin), Morskie ucho (Kołobrzeg)

Research and Publications

Poem series, published in Fleurs des Lettres, Hong Kong, 2015

“Meet Weiwei Leung, a truly multidisciplinary creative who refuses to be defined”, an interview for It’s Nice That, 2019

“The Museum of Forking Paths”, selected entry for Knowledge and Illustration Forum, Oxford University, 2014

“The Substrate of Image”, research, Royal College of Art, 2014

“The Future of Poster”, research & group exhibition, V&A Museum, London, 2013

“Growing Up in China”, illustration book, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, 2012

Workshops and Other Activities

Stage art direction for Seanaps Festival at Westflügel, Leipzig 2019-2020

“Sounds & Shapes”, pattern-making workshop for children, Helsinki, 2018

“Object Poetry”, workshop series, Beijing, 2015

“The Shape of Time” workshop at the Royal College of Art, London, 2014

“Cut-Paste-Repeat” rule-based collage workshop at the Royal College of Art, London, 2014

“Friday Workshop” text & object workshop series at the Royal College of Art, London, 2014
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